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We, Friends of Socialist China, aim to support the People’s Republic of China and to promote understanding of Chinese socialism.

Why socialism? As Marxists, we believe that although capitalism has brought about unprecedented progress in the development of the productive forces, its expansion throughout the world has directly led to the most appalling crimes against humanity. It has proven itself totally incapable of solving the problems of poverty and inequality; meanwhile it is inextricably linked with war, empire, racism, misogyny, alienation, and environmental destruction.

The global advance to socialism is indispensable if humanity is to survive and to flourish; humanity needs socialism in order to prevent climate breakdown, end poverty, establish global peace and work towards dismantling structural discrimination and oppression. We believe that the record of the socialist countries is overwhelmingly positive; that socialism has been able to – or has the potential to – solve many of humanity’s most burning issues; that the most impressive advances in people’s living conditions have occurred under socialist systems; that socialist states and movements played the decisive role in the defeat of European fascism and Japanese militarism; that the socialist world was pivotal to the dismantling of colonialism; that the socialist states have made historic strides in tackling discrimination based on race, ethnicity and gender.

However, owing largely to the reach and power of capitalist cultural hegemony, socialism is widely considered (particularly in the imperialist heartlands) to be a brutal, authoritarian system that suppresses human creativity and impedes progress. Socialist states – past and present – are portrayed as miserable backwaters, characterized by overzealous secret services, prison camps, thought control, stale uniformity, dictatorship, famines, social conservatism, corruption and poverty. In order to promote and uphold socialism, it is important to provide a counter-narrative and corrective to this propaganda.

Why China? We support all states building or aspiring to socialism, and we favour the highest level of unity and friendship between them. We foreground China in particular because its size and level of development give it an objectively critical role in the global transition to socialism. China is the most prominent force pushing for the establishment of a multipolar system of international relations and a new international economic order; meanwhile, it is emerging as the global leader in the struggle to avoid climate breakdown. As such, the continued survival of Chinese socialism is a crucial matter not only for the Chinese people but for all humanity.

Furthermore, given its continued rise and implied threat to the US-led imperialist system, it is being subjected to an intense, systematic and escalating hybrid war, including military/economic ‘containment’ measures along with relentless propaganda. This Cold War carries with it the danger of a ‘hot’ world war, and as such constitutes an existential threat to humanity.

For the above reasons, we resolve to support, defend and build understanding of Chinese socialism.

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Danny HaiphongCo-editor, Friends of Socialist ChinaUnited States
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Bennett LloydCPUSAUnited States
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Maher NassourLeader of the English Socialist GroupEngland
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Aaron NolanCommunist Party of IrelandIreland
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VishnuAll India Student Association (Marxist Leninist)India
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Ryan CottenCenter for Political InnovationUnited States
K K WrenIvyHouseFarmSwitzerland
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Mirah WoodCo-Chair Middle East & Africa Subcommittee, DSA International CommitteeUnited States
Matthew LuckeyUSA
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Luis ChiquitoNetherlands
Camara StarksUnited States
Dr. Jason BowersUnited States
Arnold AugustThe Canada Files, Contributing EditorCanada
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Michael WongsamBritain
Samore HerbsteinSouth Africa
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Ryan WilsonUnited States
Nick HokkanenMovement for a People’s Democracy & SPUSAUnited States
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John LK WongDirectorNew Zealand
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Mona SulzmanUnited States
Damien MarsicChina
Jimmy MacintyreBritain
James De BurgheSACU memberChina
Jason LeeDirector, Ocean Earths.Hong Kong, China
Iain InglisCPB Member/Television PresenterChina
Mitchell WellsBritain
Aidan CrootCommunist Party of AustraliaAustralia
James K InkenbrandtUnited States
Juergen SuttnerGermany
Michael KramerCo-Coordinator/Veterans For Peace-China Working GroupUnited States
Danish SyedPakistan
Carlos GarciaSpain
Peter SylveireBritain
S M BaichooBritain
Lekx ImersNetherlands
Michael HolmesBritain
Dr Ralf HohmannAuthorGermany
Erwin Franzenretired - one-time journalistLuxembourg
Ismail MuhammadIndependentNigeria
Zhen ChiAssociate ProfessorChina
Nigel GreenFormer activist, Public & Commercial Services Union (now retired member)Britain
Seshadri SrinivasActivistUnited States
Renate BridenthalUnited States
Syd LockeMember of Democratic Socialists of America.United States
Jef en Trees Bossuyt-RosseelBelgium Korea Friendship AssociationBelgium
Larry WasslenCanada
Bob StokerHuddersfield TUCBritain
Dr Colin CraigIreland (Northern)
Tony KinderVisiting Professor, Beijing University of Science and TechnologyBritain
Kyle RosseMarxist-Leninist-MaoistUnited States
Ian leggatCPBBritain
mike caggianoUnited States
Ko RuijterRetired from LucentNetherlands
Ng Sauw TjhoiChief-editor China Vandaag (Belgium-China Association)Belgium
Jessica RyanMember of Democratic Socialists of AmericaUnited States
Dhruv HariaBritain
WagnerColetivo Planejamento EstatalBrazil
Luciano D’AgostiniMacroeconomistBrazil
Pedro Bordinhão dos Santos BarbosaPDTBrazil
Dr. Kim E. KooRocky Mount Racial Justice GroupUnited States
Chris MinterMember of Communist Party of BritainBritain
Stan SquiresRetiredCanada
Tulio Gnoatto GrisonEstudanteBrazil
Melissa CambuhyUERJ - PTBrazil
Daniel Antiqueira da LuzBrazil
Paulo Bretas Vilarinho JuniorMilitante/Partido Comunista do Brasil-PCdoBBrazil
Thiago Barboza da CunhaBrazil
Ana Maria da Rocha SoaresBrazil
Gordon ScobieTreasurer, Edinburgh Branch, CPBScotland
Denis Wesley Tavares SantosLeft / SecretaryBrazil
Zuzanna ZakPoland
Alberto Tognimember of the CC of the Communist Party (Switzerland)Switzerland
John BeardRetiredNew Zealand
Guilherme Vergueiro HeuriBrazil
Thiago do Nascimento Silva de SouzaLawyerBrazil
Hugo CastroPCB/UJCBrazil
Chris LarssonSweden
Kh TanMalaysia
Joel Wendland-LiuUnited States
Chin K SeahStructural EngineerCanada
Nicholas ChristieRetiredUnited States
Fábio CunhaCiência PolíticaBrazil
Manfred BobkeGermany
Antônio Carlos MirandaPCdoBBrazil
Sam BradleyUnited States
Hank KeetonKeeton CorporationUnited States
Ana BazacProfessorRomania
Marvin EagleUnited States
Kevin NeishCanada
Nicolas LatorreBrazilian Communist PartyBrazil
Mr Michael QuinnBritain
Paul LookmanEditor 'Geopolitiek in context'Belgium
Trudi WallaceUnited States
Ange PowerRetireeAustralia
Evan TurnerAustralia
João Adelar AngerBrazil
Keith HeywoodBritain
Niels Duus Nielsen-Denmark
MR STEVEN J HANDFORDCPB Chair Newcastle and Gateshead BranchBritain
Eugene E RuyleEmeritus Professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies, CSU Long BeachUnited States
Ethan BlakeUnited States
Phillip CourneyeurNicaragua/Canada
Al SargisModerator, China Study Group Boston (csgboston) Google GroupUnited States
João Guilherme Brito GurgelBrazil
Owen HughesCaravan for Cuba/Montreal chapterCanada
Ed BurleyRetiredUnited States
Yinette Rojas MarinVenezuela
Thalysson BaptistaBrazil
Régis Apolinário CoelhoBrazil
Jamie LangEngland
OscarJosé Plentz NetoAbraViet RSBrazil
David FoxUnion OrganiserAustralia
Donald MurphyUSA
Barry RyanCPBBritain
Lenny BrodyUniversity of the PoorUnited States
Rageh AliLocal community union member (ACORN Tottenham, London)Britain
Octávio Henrique Alves Costa de OliveiraMaster’s degree student / State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ)Brazil
Pat ByrneBritain
Ana Caroline de Sousa SampaioStudent/UFPIBrazil
Stephen JosephAustralia
Lim KimRetiredAustralia
Ronaldo Do Espirito Santo RodriguesTeacherBrazil
Jonathan SmithChina
Kelvin Dale Gallhttps://china-environment-news.comAsia Pacific Region
Diego Batista guerraPDTBrazil
Colin ThomsonBritain
Douglas Meira FerreiraPTBrazil
Loh Wai PoonVolunteerSingapore
Rafael Henrique ZerbettoBrazil
Camilla Gaia MiottoPhD. candidate at SWUFEChina
Peter PurichRetiredCanada
Ron JuddBuilding ManagerNew Zealand
Larry M LeeRetiredCanada
Facundo CoelhoindependentUruguay
Jack ShneidmanUnited Sates
Scott HegartyHong Kong
Wolfgang SchadeNoch parteilosGermany
Demba Moussa DembeleSenegal
Tan Kin LianTan Kin Lian & Associates Pte LtdSingapore
João P.Marxist-Leninist organizerBrazil
Dr. Anne RoesgenGermany
Bertil CarlmanRetired teacherSweden
wilhelm ReichmannAustria
Lennart LundbergSinologist, TranslatorSweden
Carl A DavidsonOnline University of the LeftUnited States
Vitor Boa NovaBrazil
jono de vriesSouth Africa
Pete FoleyMember, CPBBritain
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Bruno GusmãoPSOLBrazil
Kevin Patrick McCannCPBBritain
Edoardo CappellettiMember of the CC of the Communist Party (Switzerland)Switzerland
Chris MatlhakoSouth African Communist Party(SACP), 2nd Deputy General SecretarySouth Africa
Justin TheodraGraduate Student, University of ConnecticutUnited States
Peter GoselinCo-chair, Green Party of Connecticut (US)United States
AustinUnited States
José Mario TiengoTeacherBrazil
Arthur Siqueira VeronezStudent, SPBU Faculty of International Relations, RussiaRussia/Brazil
Arthur LousaBrasil
Bob OramChair, Morning Star Management CommitteeBritain
Edward TrippRetiredUnited States
Peter MageeUnited States
Cherylene LeeMalaysia
Michael ShaneMoratorium Now CoalitionUnited States
University of VermontRevolutionary Socialist UnionUnited States
Aiden KrysciakCanada
Dirk Nimmegeerswww.chinasquare.beBelgium
cem kizilcecChief Organizar of Socialist Unity (Marxist)Turkey
Grant MacDonaldYoung Communist LeagueBritain
Rudi AlvesMember of the CC of the Communist Party (Switzerland)Switzerland
Liam B PatrickCamera personAustralia
DaveWorkerUnited Kingdom
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Steve SweeneyMorning Star International EditorUnited Kingdom
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Luca FreiMember of the CC of the Communist Party (Switzerland)Switzerland
Brian Soro OdhiamboKenya
Tulio BarbosaProfessorBrasil
Robert LaffinUnited States
Faye HarriesRetiredAustralia
Bernard HarriesAustralia
Christopher HelaliInternational Secretary, Party of Communists USAUnited States
Arthur JoedsonAcademic at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Paraíba (IFPB)Brazil
Sam BradleyUnited States
Byron SwanCanada
Stephen ShieldsIreland
Robert LindsayWriterUnited States
Tyler KadowUnited States
Andy BrooksGeneral Secretary, New Communist Party of BritainBritain
Blake RouxUnited States
Peter MageeN.A.United States
Chris RemingtonRetired trade union organiserBritain
Karl LötbergFree lance journalistSweden
Helen WhooleyAustralia
Sara FloundersContributing Editor, Workers World Newspaper - and Co-Director of International Action CenterUnited States
John P. HolltPrincipal, School of Vocation; Curator, Xevarion InstituteHong Kong, China
John ParkerSocialist Unity PartyUnited States
Joseph ToneyMarxist-Leninist-Maoist & Communist Party Kenya SupporterUnited States
John ParkerNational Coordinator, Socialist Unity PartyUnited States
Scott SchaefferWriter, Struggle-La-Lucha.orgUnited States
Frederick FrederickSocialistUnited States
Daniel SihombingKristen HijauIndonesia
Samuel IemboMember of the CC of the Communist Party (Switzerland)Switzerland
Masao SuzukiProfessor of Economics, Skyline CollegeUnited States
LeaderIndependent Workers Party of ChicagoUnited States
Bhavik GroverPublisher at The RevoltistIndia
Stefania Fuseroindependent researcherItaly
Nicolas A KallasMarxist-Leninist, SandinistaUnited States
Dustin L.United States
Thomas KipkoreTeacherKenya
Juha KieksiFinland
Tobias Ian MartinAustralia
Miguel FigueroaPresident, Canadian Peace CongressCanada
Shawn MacKayUnited States
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Stephen GallagherAttorneyUnited States
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Abayomi AzikiwePan-African News WireUnited States
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Ali J. ZaidiContested U.K. Parliamentary Elections in 2005 as an Anti War and Socialist candidate.Britain
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Emil Lau BoostKommunistisk PartiDenmark
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Joao NunesPortugal
Jesse SteinmetzUnited States
Tadele Addisupromotion and Event officerEthiopia
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David Wraxall (aka Dave Puller)Writer/poet/ psychotherapistBritain
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David Taylor SearleRetired dental surgeonBritain
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Ann GreenBritish Pensioner MagazineBritain
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Hilary LeermanDAWN! Daytonians Against War Now!United States
Francis James C. PagdangananPhilippines
Na-iem DollieChief Editor: Education as ChangeSouth Africa
Gearóid Ó MachailNational Executive Committee, Communist Party of IrelandIreland
MichaelN/AUnited States
Dr Christopher ErswellUniteBritain
Jesse HellerUnited States
Marcel CartierJournalist, Hip-Hop ArtistGermany
Marko Velimir KobakMarxist-LeninistCanada
Craig BellUnited States
Judith V. MorenoColombia
Aidan JohnsonKorean Friendship AssociationUnited States
Mark Anthony FranceBritain
Teresa SanchezUnited States
Mollie SolomonCanada
Joseph DumortierEmeritus Full Professor of Law KU Leuven-BelgiumBelgium
Sara BirkbyCPUSAUnited States
John A. El-AminUnited States
Timothy BuchananCPUSAUnited States
Dr. MuhammadiAssociate Director Research, Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS), IslamabadPakistan
Agney ShajiIndia
Lachlan MCommunist Party of AustraliaAustralia
Craig BellUnited States
Rui Miguel da Cunha CamposPortugal
Sean EsrafilyClass UnityUnited States
JJ CurtisBritain
MikhailHead of the Ideology branch of the local organization/ Young Communist League (LKSM)Russia
Stefan VukovicPresident at Eurasian Diplomatic CenterRussia
Benjamin SchalkeMarxist-LeninistUnited States
Robert PooleEditor - Education for TomorrowBritain
Gerardo Del Val CidAsociacion Cultural Sierra Oeste de MadridSpain
amirudin muhammadMahasiswaIndonesia
Mahdi TalebipourMarxist LeninistIran
G. GopikrishnanStudents Federation Of IndiaIndia
Hayrettin BelliSocialism studies association. MemberTurkey
Philip CosgroveCommunist Party of BritainBritain
Robyn BrayAssistant ProfessorScotland/China
Leonard Shannon-BrightYoung Communist League and Communist Party of BritainBritain
Bud CarlsonContract CFOUnited States
Anish AnkurCommunist Party of IndiaIndia
VictoriaCommunist Party of Britian MemberBritain
Matthew JonesBritain
Matthew ToczkoCPUSA (Bloomington-Normal Club)United States
Dempsey KeppaFormer public servantRepublic of Nauru
Charles YanUnited States
Scott LewingtonIndependentAustralia
Hans Jørgen Mala MildeChairman of the Communisty Party in Bergen & Organizational Secretary of the Young Comminsts in NorwayNorway
Alf BeckinsaleAnti-imperialist activist and journalistBritain
Brian RoweUnited States
JulianChairman New Unity MovementSouth Africa
Graham HarringtonInternational Secretary, Communist Party of IrelandIreland
Neil WicksRetiredUnited States
edmund vanroosendaelAustralia
Aden WellsUnited States
Trond Marius Pettersen JarsveRed Party (Norway)Norway
Shiran IllanperumaSri Lanka
Martin HallCPBBritain
Dempsey KeppaRetired public servantsNauru
Ralph PetroffGerman Communist Party (DKP)Germany
Robert EvansBritain
Mike BeranekQuakers in BritainBritain
Thomas bloomstineDenmark
Marc ShumanUnited States
Reb Zhoumarxist anti-imperialistChina
Calum BairdBritain
NickChair/unite hospitalityScotland
Gage BearsonUnited States
Abdulla AlmadhiMarxist LeninistBahrain
Simon GormanAustralia
Colum McDonaghIndividualIreland
James BraithwaiteRMT London Transport Regional Council Apprentice OfficerBritain
Steve WeaverRetiredBritain
Abdulla AlmadhiBahrain
Steven CoffeyUnited States
Tian WongBritain
David Wraxall (aka Dave Puller)Writer/poetBritain
David AdkinsN/AUnited States
Joseph AllenNot affiliated with any organizationUnited States
James Baillie MA TheologyIndependent Liberation TheologianBritain
Alexandros SchulmanAnti-imperialist Secretary, Workers Party BritainBritain
Arthur MassinghamYCLBritain
Peter MacphersonPensionerBritain
Hipólita FernándezAGC/CGT, union delegate and national collective bargaining commission memberArgentina
Michael StocksBritain
Vernon S.Graduate StudentUnited States
Gustav DuarteML, deng xiaopingtheory/xi jinping thoughtBrazil
N. CampYCLBritain
Michael StocksBritain
Sue TurnerGreat Britain
Liam HokkanenCanada
Eirik StefansenNorway
Sunil SuwalHead of DepartmentNepal
Jackson CiolfiUnited States
Madhusudan RimalPhD Candidate at the University of Alberta, EdmontonCanada
Chris NylandProfessor - Business and Economics Monash UniversityAustralia