Hong Kong elections deal a blow to US imperialism

We’re pleased to republish this interesting article by Christopher Helali, international secretary of the Party of Communists USA, about the recent Legislative Council elections in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Helali observes that these elections constitute a step forward for the people of Hong Kong in combatting attempts by the imperialist powers to interfere and destabilize. The article was first published in CGTN.

On December 19, citizens in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) will vote for the seventh-term Legislative Council (LegCo) election. This is a major step in bringing order, stability and peace to Hong Kong following a tumultuous period that saw riots and protests rock the city.

The HKSAR suffered tremendously during the violence and chaos of the past few years. The political system was destabilized by street violence, social unrest, disorder and political instability. This not only harmed the residents but also businesses and investments in the city.

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Lee Camp interviews Li Jingjing on Western misconceptions about China

Comedian and activist Lee Camp interviewed CGTN journalist and vlogger Li Jingjing on his program Redacted Tonight about common Western misconceptions about China. Highlighted in the interview is the importance of Chinese voices in countering the propaganda war and how these voices have been silenced and ignored by Western media. 

Hong Kong: From Royal Colony to Color Revolution

In this China Is Not Our Enemy webinar, hosted by CODEPINK and Massachusetts Peace Action, Madison Tang interviews Julie Tang (co-founder of Pivot to Peace and Hong Kong native) and Michael Wong (Vice President of Veterans for Peace San Francisco) about the context and consequences of British and US interference in Hong Kong.

Rania Khalek interviews Daniel Dumbrill on Xinjiang, Hong Kong, poverty alleviation and the New Cold War

This excellent interview appeared on BreakThrough News on 30 August 2021. Rania and Daniel cover some crucial topics related to the propaganda war against China.

Note that Daniel Dumbrill is among the speakers at our webinar on 9 October – The Propaganda War Against China – along with Chen Weihua, Li Jingjing, Ben Norton, Danny Haiphong, Jenny Clegg, Michael Wong, Radhika Desai and Kenny Coyle.