The ‘lab leak’ theory is a racist trope

  • The ‘Wuhan lab leak’ theory was devised by the Trump regime to deflect from its failure containing the pandemic and to build hostility towards China.
  • A World Health Organisation team of 17 international experts concluded it was “extremely unlikely” that Covid emerged from a lab leak.
  • The WHO team confirmed that Chinese officials and scientists were open and cooperative and gave access to all relevant data.
  • The countries raising “concerns” about the WHO report are the same countries pushing the New Cold War: US, Britain, Australia, Canada, Japan.
  • Biden’s proposal for a new US-led investigation is just a variation of Trump’s “kung flu” racism, and serves to deepen anti-Asian hate.
  • US and British intelligence services have a notorious record of faking
  • material in order to serve their governments’ imperial interests.

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