Interview with Carlos Martinez on the propaganda war against China

On 25 September, Friends of Socialist China co-editor Carlos Martinez was interviewed on the Rebirth of Communism YouTube channel about China: what is the nature of the propaganda war being waged against it? What’s really happening in Xinjiang? Why does much of the Western left support this propaganda war? What are the reasons for the different levels of economic and social progress in India and China since the late 1940s? Will China suffer the fate of the Soviet Union? What does China’s project of being a ‘great modern socialist country’ by 2049 entail?

One thought on “Interview with Carlos Martinez on the propaganda war against China”

  1. Very inspirational,scientific and verifiable arguments in support of China.My question is how is China building or supporting internationalism? Is it majorly nationalistic and soft on the American govt. to protect and secure Chinese interests?Why is it shy of promoting the socialist ideology and instead talks of peaceful co-existence of diverse ideologies?

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