Rania Khalek interviews Ken Hammond about Taiwan

In this detailed and useful interview on BreakThrough News, Rania Khalek interviews history professor and China expert Ken Hammond about the rising tensions surrounding Taiwan. They cover the history of the island, the question of China’s representation at the United Nations, the One China policy, the differences between Trump and Biden, and the US’ longstanding attempts to destabilise and balkanise China.

4 thoughts on “Rania Khalek interviews Ken Hammond about Taiwan”

  1. Excellent discussion explaining clearly the situation related to China and Taiwan.

    Love it, and recommend to all.

  2. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to say that i read a lot about China in the 1970s.I read about China and Taiwan back then.I took an interest in what was going on in China back then.I understand that Taiwan is part of China and i have known that for a long time.
    It comes down to if you wants to know about China and Taiwan or if you wants to go along whit what the USA and its allies like Canada and Europe say about China.You needs to read and talk to People from China to learn about China.If you talk to people from China about China you will get a different story than what you will get if you talks to President Biden from the USA.The Chinese People are not lying about their country while President Biden is lying about China.I found out that it is the US President that is Lying about China.

  3. Both Rania Khalek and Ken Hammond are angels! So touched by your honesty, bravery and clear articulation! Peace and prosperity are human goals. But hegemony and greed are the enemy of peace and prosperity.

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