Table tennis champ Connie Sweeris discusses her experience playing in China

Embedded below is a lovely video interview of Connie Sweeris, then the US national women’s singles table tennis champion, reflecting on her visit to China in 1971 as part of the ‘ping-pong diplomacy’ mission – an important first step on the road to US-China normalization. With the Beijing Winter Olympics coming up in early 2022, and with the US and other countries threatening a diplomatic boycott, Connie Sweeris emphasizes the power of sport in breaking down barriers and building understanding between peoples.

One thought on “Table tennis champ Connie Sweeris discusses her experience playing in China”

  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to say that this is a good video.It shows that the working class of the USA are very different than the US Gov’t.I am in contact with different organizations in the USA and i know the majority of working class people in the USA are against US Imperialism in China and other parts of the world.China can count on the support of the working class in the USA. The working class of all countries are united against Capitalist oppression of workers worldwide.

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