President Isaias Afwerki on China-Eritrea friendship

Eritrea and China enjoy a deep bond and a strategic partnership, based on mutual respect and interests, and a healthy space for hashing out differing opinions and working towards common understandings. This friendship goes back to 1965 when China welcomed Eritrean freedom fighters and was the first foreign country to support the struggle with arms. China’s position at the time, even when it was not yet the powerhouse that it is today, was clear and had a notable appreciation for the Eritrean people’s struggle for freedom. It is important to keep in mind that this partnership did not develop because of China’s current standing in the world or for our own narrow interests. It is rather a longstanding relationship based on mutual interest and respect, one which highlights each country’s contributions and creates a platform for engagement in all strategic areas.

Eritrea: Interview of President Isaias Afwerki

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