Syria joins China’s Belt and Road Initiative

In this January 27th episode of CGTN America’s The Heat, a distinguished panel, including Chinese international relations expert Victor Gao, US Professor Joshua Landis, Bassam Abu Abdullah, the head of the Syrian Baath’s Party School, and independent analyst Adnan Nasser debate the significance of Syria’s signing up to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Victor Gao says that China regards the people of Syria as brothers and sisters and treats the country as a political and strategic equal. Beijing, he further explains, rejects the sanctions imposed by imperialist powers.

One thought on “Syria joins China’s Belt and Road Initiative”

  1. This is certainly a wise, highly logical step by Syria: the future is indeed written in the language of cooperation and coordination in all decency and good faith and within the framework of International Law towards a rational, steady, long-lasting, people-oriented and equitable, peaceful, harmonious and sustainable development, and the People’s Republic is and remains the golden standard in this worldview and on this concrete path.

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