China-based journalists respond to Western media attacks

In the video embedded below, Friends of Socialist China co-editor Danny Haiphong interviews CGTN’s Li Jingjing and China Daily’s Ian Goodrum on their insights into the Western media’s attacks on China-based journalism and anyone who stands up to anti-China narratives. Of particular note is Li Jingjing’s personal experience of being slandered by three different Western news outlets (The New York Times, AP, and the Daily Beast) in a span of less than six months.

2 thoughts on “China-based journalists respond to Western media attacks”

  1. At base, we have an essentially an adversarial “capitalist” approach from most of the West vs an essentially collaborative socialist/communist approach in China.

  2. At the heart of the NeoLiberal/Imperialist narrative on China is this utter hypocrisy–while the US mainstream media is exposing and trashing the GOP’s vile tactics to support fake news stories on all sorts of domestic political issues, they won’t acknowledge that they themselves are using the exact same vile tactics to unethically trash China( and weaponizing)on just about 99% of news coverage of events in the PRC.

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