The New Cold War is failing

On 6 September 2023, Carlos Martinez and Dr Ken Hammond joined Danny Haiphong live on his YouTube channel to discuss the latest developments regarding the US’s hybrid war on China and the multipolar world.

They have a detailed discussion on the US attempts to prevent China from developing advanced semiconductors; the recent advances made by Huawei and SMIC in precisely the field of advanced semiconductors; the contradiction between the requirements of the US business community and the strategic designs of the New Cold War; the state of the Chinese economy; the successes of the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg; the significance of BRICS; China’s prioritisation of relations with the countries of the Global South and those countries outside the US imperialist orbit; and more.

The three pay tribute to the recently-deceased comrade and veteran friend of China Isabel Crook, and also discuss Carlos’s and Ken’s books on China, both of which have been published in 2023.

One thought on “The New Cold War is failing”

  1. The best we can hope for as an intelligent species, is that the Anglo/American led collective West wakes up to the fact that their Liberal democratic profit driven world order is no longer fit for purpose and that our future is better served by forms of governance that place a higher priority on meeting peoples cultural and social needs than the accumulation of privately owned wealth. The ultimate risk of not getting this right could be the premature extinction of our human species.

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