The liberation of Shanghai: ‘I found PLA soldiers sleeping on the pavement’

In this short video from CGTN, Betty Bar and her husband George Wang discuss their experiences living in Shanghai, from the 1930s up to the present. They remember the intense poverty in the city before liberation; the horrors of the Japanese occupation; the professional, disciplined and people-oriented nature of the People’s Liberation Army when entering Shanghai; and the extraordinary improvements in people’s lives in the ensuing decades. George Wang comments: “Without the Communist Party, without Mao Zedong, what would our life be today?”

2 thoughts on “The liberation of Shanghai: ‘I found PLA soldiers sleeping on the pavement’”

  1. Wartime cruelty & misery were being endorsed in our brains forever – both of you are very Lucky to survive……
    I was quite fortunate like you but near the end of the War in 1944 in Pingle county of Guilin, Guangxi province where my medical father from Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong (HK) – assisting the Chinese Red Cross (he knew the cruelty of the Japanese in China) & took my mother into China. He lost his second daughter in 1942 while I survived. After the War, he was flown out by military plane back to HK & he had to arrange a flight from Kunming for my mother & me around a week later. He was recalled by his parents to go back to Bangkok (a year later).
    In 1956 at the age of 12, I was sent to schools in HK for 9 years & another 5 years in America (was not a good student like him to be admitted to HKU). He changed my Taiwanese Passport into Thai for complications in traveling.
    My Chinese name is (Lee) Ping Lok, in memory of Pingle & coming back to Thailand in 1971 to start my career – over 30 professional jobs in the corrupt private Thai sector in the span of 50 years. I tried to be a Chinese Buddhist monk in the North but failed – in 2010, finally became a forest monk but fled the Northern temple after 122 days – my goal to be a Buddhist monk for Life, failed again.
    At 77-78, I wished I could do something good for my MOTHERLAND, CHINA

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