Hong Kong: From Royal Colony to Color Revolution

In this China Is Not Our Enemy webinar, hosted by CODEPINK and Massachusetts Peace Action, Madison Tang interviews Julie Tang (co-founder of Pivot to Peace and Hong Kong native) and Michael Wong (Vice President of Veterans for Peace San Francisco) about the context and consequences of British and US interference in Hong Kong.

One thought on “Hong Kong: From Royal Colony to Color Revolution”

  1. Fair and well informed comments about British colonial attitude
    in HK, just like in all their colonies. I have had endless arguments with some Chinese friends, mainly from HK. Don’t know if they
    know their history and prefer not to know it, to suit their hatred
    of China or whether they are genuinely ignorant. I watched the
    handover ceremony in 1997 and thought Prince Charles behaviour utterly reprehensible, he was supposed to be
    representing the Queen! This behaviour continues every time
    a Chinese President visits the UK. Is he planning to carry on when
    he becomes King?

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