Zhao Lijian: US democracy is based on an inextricable link between wealth and power

American-style democracy has become a money game for the rich. The 2020 US presidential and congressional elections cost as much as $14 billion. US politicians make promises in exchange for electoral funding and spend a fortune on publicity. When in office, the politicians engage in corruption considered legitimate by openly exchanging power for money through lobbying and political donations. When their term ends, they would smoothly move from political circles to business sectors through the ‘revolving door’. Such whole-process corruption with no missing link is strictly punished in other countries. It is contemptible that corruption is legitimized and openly practiced in the US.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian’s Regular Press Conference on December 22, 2021

2 thoughts on “Zhao Lijian: US democracy is based on an inextricable link between wealth and power”

  1. I totally agree. So-called American Democracy is “Bourgeois Democracy ” that benefits the Capitalist ruling class.

    The politicans in the two main parties serve the interests of the Corporate Bourgeoise.

  2. Spot on, Sir!
    Democracy is certainly not the private property of the rulers of the regime in the United States of America for them to arbitrarily give it away, rent it out and/or approve the just use of it.

    And speaking of democracy: who elected or even appointed the USA as universal policeman, judge and executioner of world democracy?!?

    Truly, each country has the absolute, unconditional and unalienable right to social and political self-determination, to shape its own path, to build the form of governance that best suits its culture, reality, needs and priorities, within the framework of International Law and decency and basic human dignity.
    Democracy is only one of these forms of governance. There are others.
    Besides, democracy itself has many forms, also in the West itself: presidential, parliamentary, even monarchical – UK, Norway, here in The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Japan,…
    Western-style liberal democracies are also only some of the current forms of democracy. There are others.

    Fact: no laws, logic and/or reason require all nations to be western-style liberal democracies based on, driven by & worshipping consumption, unhinged competition and personal accumulation of material goods.

    One reason behind the USA’s insistance on forcing its type of democracy upon other countries is that the USA is in fact a plutocracy and oligarchy, whose capitalist corporations leech off the chaos, weakness and even collapse of national production and economy that imported democracy brews abroad, in other societies.
    It is imperialism, to the letter.

    This distorted US-led Western brand of democracy, democracy as an instrument of ‘foreign policy’, a tool to impose and secure its own narrow interests in foreign nations – this ideological, export democracy, so to speak – is indeed also rigid, dogmatic, cultish: a one size fits all & for all eternity, lawless, unelected, artificial and alienating that’s being forced from outside & above on the whole world. It is tyranny.

    Keep it up, China!

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