Chinese Ambassador to UN calls for diplomatic solution to Ukraine crisis

In the speech below, Zhang Jun, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, explains China’s decision to abstain on the UN Security Council draft resolution demanding Russia’s immediate withdrawal from Ukraine. Zhang stated that “any action should be truly conducive to defusing the crisis, rather than adding fuel to fire.”

One thought on “Chinese Ambassador to UN calls for diplomatic solution to Ukraine crisis”

  1. China is demonstrating its ability to synthesise the political and social dynamics of communism, capitalism and socialism, this is no mean feat, it also enables China to take a leading role in abiding by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.
    It is the centralist single party form of Chinese governance (the CPC) that is demonstrably more principled, disciplined and efficient than Western liberal multi party forms of governance that enables a superior synthesising of supposedly opposing geopolitical forces and social dynamics; it may well be that nothing less than a formula for world peace is now among the more advanced products being ‘Made in China’.

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