Common prosperity in action in Anhui Province

In this video made for CGTN by Michael Dunford, Visiting Professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (and Friends of Socialist China advisory group member), we get a glimpse of common prosperity in action, as Michael travels to a village at Tuohu Lake, in the northeast of Anhui Province. With the aim of revitalizing the village and promoting high-quality sustainable development, the village cooperative has worked with the local authorities to improve the water system and to adopt traditional, environmentally-friendly agricultural practices. Combined with technologies such as an internet-of-things monitoring system and e-commerce, the villagers have been able to significantly improve their standard of living whilst simultaneously contributing to biodiversity and environmental protection.

One thought on “Common prosperity in action in Anhui Province”

  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to compare the relative ease of the Farmers and Fishermen of China with the great difficulties of Farmers and Fishermen in Palestine.
    In Palestine Fishermen got a limit to how far they can go out to sea to catch fish imposed upon them by the Israeli Gov’t.Israeli Gunboats are always close by and fire on Palestinian Fishermen and take their boats whenever they wish.So fishing for Palestinians is like going into a war zone.
    When it comes to agriculture Palestinians have a similar problem.Israeli Settlers in the West Bank live close to Palestinian Farmers.These Israeli Settlers constantly attack Palestinian Farmers and destroy their Olive Groves and other crops.The Israeli Gov’t does nothing about it.So the Palestinian Farmers are putting their lives at risk just to attend to their farms.This has been going on for decades. Many people from all parts of the world come to Palestine to try and protect the Palestinian Farmers and Fishermen from this Apartheid Violence.Palestinians should have the right to attend to their Farms and go fishing like all other people in the world.

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