5 thoughts on “China: what’s real and what’s American propaganda”

  1. The sad mudslinging vitriol coming from various segments of US media and leadership are acts of deadly desperation to maintain a failed state.

    Fidel said that America’s actions were like the last kick of a dying horse.

    Still deadly but dying nonetheless.

  2. China , under the leadership of the CCP, has won the hearts and minds of the majority of Earth’s population, doing so constructively and without firing ONE shot or spilling ONE drop of blood ,anywhere.

    The world yearns for peace and prosperity and the West has none to give. Leave them in peace but leave them.

  3. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to say that the USA,Canada and Europe wants their people to think that Private Property and Private Interests are important for people. So countries in the world like China and Cuba that have a Central Gov’t are considered bad for these western Gov’ts.So when News comes from China or Cuba these Gov’ts say that this is Gov’t Propaganda from China or Cuba.
    These western Gov’ts want their people to think that Private Newspapers are better than the Gov’t Newspapers of Cuba and China.
    It is the same with the multi party systems of western Gov’ts compared with the one party system of Socialism.In Capitalist countries there are many newspapers but they have the same stories about condemning Socialist countries and condemning the working class.So these newspapers are not different they are the same.People in Capitalist countries are been fooled by thinking that they have different Newspapers and different Capitalist Parties and have a better choice than people in Cuba and China.In reality People in Capitalist countries have no choice except that of Capitalism.If People in Capitalist countries talk of Socialism or Socialist countries they are condemned and punished.

  4. This is some great content here, valuable discussion so far outside mainstream US discourse; very well done!

  5. The west is afraid of China because it wants us to believe only capitalism can succeed and socialism is an impossible failed model. That’s why it continues to sanction and cripple Cuba for absolutely no reason at all. They are afraid the masses will one day see there is an alternative and China is the best example of socialism working.

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