Danny Haiphong and Carlos Martinez discuss NATO, BRICS and the New Cold War

On 1 July, our co-editors Danny Haiphong and Carlos Martinez had a detailed discussion on Danny’s Left Lens YouTube show about the crisis in Ukraine, NATO’s escalation against both Russia and China, the comparison between the recent BRICS and NATO Summits, and the foreign policy continuity from Trump to Biden. Watch below.

3 thoughts on “Danny Haiphong and Carlos Martinez discuss NATO, BRICS and the New Cold War”

  1. Very interesting … I send to my Republican and Democrat friends the youtube links. My Socialist friends can watch here .
    Growing number socialist in USA. Love all people .God is love 1Jn 4:8 It is difficult to deprogram people after so many years media control . The economic discussion is less terrifying than discussing military options with my US friends.

  2. Need a 5-10 minute version with interesting graphics images. The attention/interest span of Democrats and Republican is short based on 30 to 60 second political ads. Pics speak louder than words. Need to reach masses with short message with Pics . The more concise the better use max pics graphs and tables and visual data. Reaching academics is important but reaching average Republican or Democrat with 5 min message important to me to explain to my US friends.

  3. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to say that there is a world of difference between the NATO Summit and the BRICS Summit.One Summit is for the continuation of War and Destruction in all parts of the world.That is the NATO Summit.The other Summit, the BRICS Summit is for peace and progress in the world.
    The problem in Capitalist Countries is that the majority of people don’t have a say in what the Gov’t does or says.I am from a NATO country and i didn’t have a say in whether Canada should be part of NATO or not.The majority of the people here in Canada are the same has myself, they had no say in whether Canada should be part of NATO. Still in all Canada became part of NATO.
    That is why NATO countries got a free hand to do what they like.
    I don’t see any Socialist countries that are part of NATO.This proves that in Capitalist countries Democracy don’t exist while in Socialist countries people got a say in whether their country should be part of NATO and their countries are not part of NATO.

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