Arnold August: China’s rise is the West’s main fear

We are pleased to reproduce extracts of the November 13, 2022, edition of Press TV’s show Spotlight on the current South China Sea tensions, with Canadian author/journalist Arnold August and Teheran-based anchor/producer Kaveh Taghvai. August focused on China, the BRICS alternative non-US dollar currency as a very significant challenge to US hegemony, and the US vision for leveraging Taiwan against the People’s Republic of China, much as Ukraine is today being used as a pawn in the US/NATO war against the Russian Federation.

One thought on “Arnold August: China’s rise is the West’s main fear”

  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to say that this is a good video to show that the USA is the aggressor not China, DPRK or Russia.
    It is US Warships that is sailing through the Taiwan Strait and got troops in South Korea. That is a provocation and should be condemned.
    It was the US Gov`t that started the war in Ukraine not Russia.Articles like this won“t be seen in the mainstream media.

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