Fred M’membe and Kyeretwie Opoku: We have to defend China

We are pleased to run a further extract from the conversation, carried by Wave Media, between leaders of the Socialist Party of Zambia and the Socialist Movement of Ghana, Fred M’membe and Kyeretwie Opoku, regarding the past, present and future of relations between China and Africa. 

They note that more and more young people in both China and Africa are seeing through imperialist lies and that after just a few days stay in China, they have come to the conclusion that the Chinese revolution is unstoppable.

Noting that China and Africa understand each other and are drawn together by a similar history of oppression by colonialism and imperialism from the 19th century onwards, they affirm that China today offers an alternative path to overcome poverty and realize development. In fact, they state, it is now the only path, as the old path of colonial expansion is closed off to those seeking to develop in the contemporary world.  We have to defend China, they insist, because what China has achieved are our achievements, too. They also make the important point that non-interference does not preclude solidarity.

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3 thoughts on “Fred M’membe and Kyeretwie Opoku: We have to defend China”

  1. I hope Justin Trudeau will watch this video and think carefully about it and change his attitude for the better.

  2. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to say that this video shows that Socialism brings countries of the world together. Capitalism on the other hand keeps countries apart.

  3. The comprador class in the African Union better pay attention and stop leading its people towards death with the United States! Long live the CPC! World Peace Now!

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