Webinar: US anti-China propaganda, a prelude to war

Date Wednesday 28 June
Time8pm US Eastern / 5pm US Pacific


  • Lee Siu Hin – China-US Solidarity Network
  • Carlos Martinez – Author: The East Is Still Red
  • Sara Flounders – International Action Center
  • Arjae Red – Workers World Party

Even as the war in Ukraine rages, the US has increased its aggression towards China including increasing its military presence around China, provocations over Taiwan, heightened propaganda on Xinjiang, and claims of a Chinese spy base in Cuba. Does Blinken’s trip to China mean any change in these war threats?

Recently two US antiwar activists have returned from a trip to China.  Hear from these antiwar activists and from others presently in China about the real situation in the country. Friends of Socialist China co-editor Carlos Martinez will be introducing his new book The East is Still Red: Chinese Socialism in the 21st Century.

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