George Galloway: The West sucks the blood of Africans, while China transfuses hope

In this short, three-minute film for Chinese broadcaster CGTN, George Galloway, former Member of Parliament, and leader of the Workers’ Party of Britain, refutes western propaganda regarding China’s role in Africa and makes a stark contrast between the western record with regard to the African continent and that of China. The West, George insists, sucks the blood of Africans, while China transfuses hope.

The United States has 29 military bases in Africa. China has one – in Djibouti, where the US also has a base. Yet it is China that is accused of interference. China is building the infrastructure that the colonial powers never did and promoting the post-independence economic development that the West did everything to try to strangle at birth. 

Unlike the West, George notes, China did not enslave anybody in Africa. It occupied nowhere – unlike the imperialist scramble for every last square inch of the continent. Again, unlike the west, China murdered no African leaders, carried out no coups, did not “buy” uranium from Niger at grotesquely undervalued prices and nor did it support apartheid in South Africa or the former Rhodesia – rather it supported the freedom struggle. 

Under the Belt and Road Initiative, George notes, China is building road, rail and air transportation networks across the continent, along with schools, hospitals, universities and kindergartens.

This succinct and poweful video is embedded below.

7 thoughts on “George Galloway: The West sucks the blood of Africans, while China transfuses hope”

  1. Ask the Americans to name ONE place on Earth where they have gone and left a nation in peace or name ONE place where they have gone and not brought bloodshed, death and destruction . For all their bluster, they will remain silent , then perhaps get angry and assert that you ” don’t understand the real world that we live in”.

  2. In fact, as a Chinese, I was surprised to see the website “Friends of Socialist China”, because most of the information I see on mainstream international Internet platforms is anti-China and anti-CPC. A lot of this information is ridiculous, for example, there are really a lot of Westerners who believe in the myth of “social credit”, which is really funny. But if Chinese people try to explain it, they will only be labelled as “brainwashed” -——we can’t communicate with each other as equals.
    So I think that this website may be considered as a propaganda of the CPC. Nonetheless, I appreciate the efforts of our distant comrades and wish you a good day if you read this.
    I should also point out that although China has made a lot of progress, there are still a lot of problems that need to be solved, so I actually hope that the readers of this site will take a dialectical view of everything about China -——otherwise it will go to the other extreme, which is no different from the Western smear campaign against China. Building a better country, and indeed a better world, is not something that can be achieved by reading theories and words, but by working together.
    As my English is not very good, I have used translations, and this text may look a bit awkward, so I apologise.

    1. Oh, and I need to explain the following again to avoid misunderstanding. The first sentence of the second paragraph means that I think in the current context of anti-China Western media as a whole, there is a high probability that this website will be taken as false propaganda for the CPC.

  3. As a Canadian, I would like to say that the Communist Party of China is better than any political party in the Parliament of Canada.

    1. In China, perhaps because people have become so accustomed to the convenience brought by the CPC that they always have higher expectations and demands on the CPC, some people will feel even more disappointed when the CPC fails to do its job. At the same time, there are actually a lot of people in China who worship the US and the Western system (some of them have never been to the West, but they believe in the Western media’s so propaganda), and they also like to blame the CPC in various ways in an attempt to cooperate with the West to launch Colour Revolutions at some point in the future.

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