George Galloway: Chinese dragon soars despite West’s biased caricature

The veteran British parliamentarian and anti-imperialist campaigner George Galloway has been returned to Westminster after a dramatic February 29th byelection victory in the northwestern English town of Rochdale, caused by the death of the sitting MP, Tony Lloyd.

The leader of the Workers’ Party of Britain (WPB) polled 12,335 votes, giving him a majority of 5,697 and 39.7 percent of the vote. He began his victory speech with reference to the current leader of the British Labour Party:

“Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza. You will pay a high price for the role that you have played in enabling, encouraging and covering for the catastrophe presently going on in occupied Palestine, in the Gaza Strip.”

George Galloway is also a long-standing and prominent friend of China. In this short video, shown by CGTN on February 5, five days before the start of the Year of the Loong or Dragon, George cites examples of how western media have used dragon imagery to project a hostile picture of China. For example, the Economist had branded China as the “world’s worst polluter”, ignoring both the culpability of western countries since the industrial revolution and current per capita emissions.

Such narratives, George continues, contrast with China’s actual contributions and initiatives fostering global cooperation and prosperity. Referencing this year’s 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic, George notes that many western leaders have tried to stop the rise of the dragon, but all have failed in the face of modern China with its mixed economy under socialist leadership. The sun has risen in the east.

Referring to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), in which more than 130 countries participate, George says that while China’s adversaries deliver lectures, orders, threats and invasion, China delivers airports, high-speed rail, six-lane highways and rising prosperity.

Last year, he concludes, Britain named China as its biggest threat. He relates this to the increasing dysfunction and decay of Britain’s economy, politics and society. The more China advances, the more the UK falls behind.

4 thoughts on “George Galloway: Chinese dragon soars despite West’s biased caricature”

  1. The world needs many many more George Galloways, Xis and Putins, just like Pakistan needs Imran Khan, and Burkina Faso and Africa need Ibrahim Traoré.

  2. “The plates have shifted” as George said in his victory speech. The right wing leader of Labour Party, Starmer who gave full backing to Israel will not be able to maintain party unity over its position on Gaza. Wish you all the best George Galloway.

  3. Not many Westerners (White) are able to see the POSITIVE things done by the Chinese nations, especially by the Western Media.
    The newly elected MP of England, George Galloway has a good knowledge of what China has been doing. (Please, watch the video of what George Galloway had to say)
    As a China-born in 1944 when my medical father from Hong Kong(HK) was assisting the Chinese Red Cross during WWII – he had to change my nationality from Taiwanese (before 1949 present-day China) to a Thai in 1965 before sending me to college in America. Taiwanese passport was of no use – the Chairman of Heng Seng Bank had to guarantee me for 9 years in 3 schools in HK (1956-65). I AM 99% CHINESE & MIGHTY PROUD OF THE CHINESE NATION! from my home ‘ The City of Angels, Bangkok ‘

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