No Cold War Britain event: China is not our enemy

The British branch of No Cold War is holding a launch event on Wednesday 16 June, 7pm BST (2pm US Eastern, 11am US Pacific), organised in coordination with the Tricontinental Institute. The theme is China is not our enemy, and there’s an excellent list of speakers:

  • Lowkey, musician and activist
  • Martin Jacques, author of ‘When China Rules the World’
  • Jodie Evans, CODEPINK
  • Kate Hudson, General Secretary of CND
  • Vijay Prashad, Director of the Tricontinental Institute
  • Li Jingjing , Chinese journalist
  • Andrew Murray, Stop the War Coalition
  • Anna Chen, writer, poet and broadcaster
  • Ben Chacko, Editor of the Morning Star
  • Fiona Edwards, No Cold War

You can register for the Zoom event on Eventbrite.

Speakers will address a number of themes and questions including:

  • The role of Britain as a junior partner in the US’ cold war against China
  • How the cold war presents a threat to building world peace
  • The rise of anti-Asian racism that has accompanied the cold war
  • Why the British government’s increasing belligerence towards China will cause economic harm – losing lots of jobs, trade and investment
  • How we build a broad movement to stand up to the cold war

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