Danny Haiphong on the collapse of the ‘Uyghur genocide’ narrative

On October 10th, the Associated Press released a report that walked back Western media claims of a “genocide” in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. In the video embedded below, FoSC co-editor Danny Haiphong reviews this and other sensational claims about human rights in China to set the record straight.

4 thoughts on “Danny Haiphong on the collapse of the ‘Uyghur genocide’ narrative”

    1. I see that this report you quote was paid for by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. They provided ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre (ICPC) with a grant of A$116,770 for this project, of which this report is a key output. The report is full of allegations, biased opinions and few check-able facts. The appendixes are not even included so nothing can be researched or confirmed.

  1. Certainly serious. Yes, I know “who these people are.” It would be stupid to dismiss all reports that come from imperialist sources. If you look at this one, after you ignore the ideological phrases, a good deal of factual material is presented. Any one detail might be stretched, to be sure. Nonetheless, there remains a mass of documentation of repressive policies that have nothing to do with a socialist handling of national minority problems.

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