Gyude Moore on the significance of China investments in Africa

In this informative speech, Gyude Moore – Senior Policy Fellow at the Center for Global Development and Liberia’s former Minister of Public Works – discusses the nature of the economic relationship between China and Africa. He draws on his personal experience of dealing with Chinese private and public investors to debunk the standard ‘debt trap’ myth that’s pervasive in the West, pointing out that China is extensively building infrastructure in Africa that’s essential for development and the improvement of living standards.

He notes that whereas the infrastructure built by colonisers was directed exclusively towards serving the economic needs of the European powers, the infrastructure being built by China is increasing connectedness between the different countries on the continent, allowing regional value chains to develop. Furthermore, Moore points out that China, as a developing country, tends to treat its African partners as equals rather than seeking to impose its authority in the way the imperialist countries are so used to doing.

2 thoughts on “Gyude Moore on the significance of China investments in Africa”

  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to comment on Africa with regard to Europe and the USA. I believe it was 1961 when the Congo got its Independence from Belgium.Patrice Lumumba became head of the Gov’t of the Congo.Lumumba wanted to rid the Congo of US and European Imperialism.So the US Gov’t and the Belgian Gov’t started to plan for the assassination of Patrice Lumumba.
    These Gov’t got in contact with Moise Tshombe,a supporter of Imperialism in the Congo and an enemy of Patrice Lumumba.Within a year Patrice Lumumba was assassinated and Moise Tshombe became head of state in the Congo.US and Belgium Imperialism in Africa got what they wanted.
    That is more or less how US and European Imperialism worked in Africa.China didn’t go to China as an Imperialist power like the US and Europe.China went to Africa and treated the African Countries as equal partners.That is why the African Heads of State likes to do business with China rather than with the USA or Europe.

  2. And thank goodness the leaders of the AU are in progressive partnership with the PRC.

    It must also be noted that the Chinese have been trading with Africa for over 1000years, NEVER one drop of blood has been spilled, NEVER one bullet fired.

    China has NEVER been a slave trader, colonizer, occupier or invader; all of these evils which enriched the EU and US elites .

    The US and EU , in the evil and lunacy of racist arrogance, lecture Africans to ” forget the past” , as if amnesia will right the wrongs imported to African lands.

    After 200 years of vicious brutality presented by Europeans, these racist wrongdoers established the 1884 Berlin Conference to formalize the filth and evil of their racist greed and lust for blood.

    Of the millions of Africans , not ONE was invited to that 1884 table- the mere thought would have been hilarious.

    Fast forward to 2007, wherein, the Americans established AfrikaKommand , claiming to ” work with African partners “.

    Of the 1.6billion Africans and 55 sitting head’s of state, NOT ONE AFRICAN SAT AT THAT TABLE .

    Clearly , the filth and evil of racism has NEVER died, as the US proudly bears that torch.

    To my African brothers and sisters, leave the US alone , do not bring them to your land, your homes or your natins- where they go bloodshed, death and destruction are their constant companions

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