One virus, two systems: infographic comparing Covid strategies in China and the US

It’s been a year since the last death from Covid in China, yet the Western media continues to claim China’s Zero Covid strategy is “unsustainable”. Compared with the West, however, China’s strategy looks decidedly sustainable.

Covid in the US

  • Nearly 900,000 deaths due to pandemic
  • Every state has suffered multiple major outbreaks
  • Epidemic of Long Covid affecting millions
  • Elderly and vulnerable people still having to limit social contact
  • 63 percent of population fully vaccinated
  • Hoarded vaccine doses, perpetuating global vaccine apartheid
  • Millions have fallen deeper into poverty

Covid in China

  • Fewer than 5,000 deaths due to the pandemic
  • Hubei the only province to experience severe outbreak
  • Very few people suffering with Long Covid
  • Virus is under control so people are able to live ordinary lives
  • 87 percent of population fully vaccinated
  • Exported over 2 billion vaccine doses, prioritising Global South
  • Poverty alleviation program continues uninterrupted

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