Edgar Snow, a lifelong friend of the Chinese people

On the 50th anniversary of his death, we celebrate the life of Edgar Snow, a lifelong friend of the Chinese people and proponent of US-China friendship. Snow’s pioneering book Red Star Over China, written in 1937, was the first introduction to the Chinese Revolution for millions in the English-speaking world. It remains essential reading today, and Snow’s life continues to inspire those that live by the principles of solidarity, international friendship and peace.

2 thoughts on “Edgar Snow, a lifelong friend of the Chinese people”

  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to say that in the 1970s when i was with a Maoist Communist Party in Montreal, Canada i read a book about the life of Edgar Snow and also i had a book about a Canadian, Norman Bethune who done a lot of good work as a Doctor in China. These men helped make China the great country it is today. I am glad that Edgar Snow is mentioned. I knew sooner or later his name would be mentioned.

  2. GeoffLee
    February 18th 2022

    I bought a 1963 issue of this book some time in the 1970s at a jumble sale but only started to read it about six months ago. I should have read it much earlier since I have learned so much from Edgar Snow’s description of the way Mao struggled to win support for his political ideas that have helped put the people of China and their government where they are today.

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