Wang Wenbin: US theft of Afghan assets is no different from the conduct of bandits

Without the consent of the Afghan people, the US willfully disposes of assets that belong to the Afghan people, even keeping them as its own. This is no different from the conduct of bandits. This latest example has once again laid bare that the “rules-based order” the US claims to champion is not the kind of rules and order to defend the weak and uphold justice, but to maintain its own hegemony. As the culprit of the Afghan crisis, the US should not exacerbate the suffering of the Afghan people. It should unfreeze their assets, lift unilateral sanctions on Afghanistan as soon as possible, and assume its due responsibility to ease the humanitarian crisis in the country.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin’s Regular Press Conference on February 15, 2022

2 thoughts on “Wang Wenbin: US theft of Afghan assets is no different from the conduct of bandits”

  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to say that the US Gov’t helped the Taliban in the 1980s when Afghanistan had a good Gov’t to overthrow the Gov’t.Now when the Taliban is the Gov’t in Afghanistan the US Gov’t is doing everything to make life hard for the Afghan People.That is US Hypocrisy.

  2. These are indeed blatant, grave violations of international law and fundamental human rights. Appalling!
    The rulers of the United States’ regime are unethical, soulless, heartless, shameless, cynical thieves and brutal criminals.
    I wish the Chinese Dragon and the Russian Bear would resolutely plant their righteous claws into this matter and never let go, until these and other assets and belongings of Afghanistan are restituted to their rightful owners, the Afghan people, and all those guilty of such repugnant crimes are brought to justice!
    Truly, holding the rulers of the United States’ regime accountable would greatly serve the whole world.

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