Reminder: 21st Century Socialism – China and Latin America on the Frontline (19 March)

Our next webinar takes place on Saturday 19 March 2022, midday (US Eastern) / 9am (US Pacific) / 4pm (Britain)

China is the world’s largest socialist country and a leading proponent of multipolarity. As such it has an indispensable role in inspiring and creating a favourable environment for the global transition to socialism. Meanwhile, in the last two decades, progressive governments and movements in Latin America have been blazing a trail in exploring new paths towards socialism in the 21st century. Friendship and cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the Latin American left is therefore an indispensable component of the global struggle for socialism and against imperialism.

This event will explore a number of themes, including the history of friendship and solidarity between China and Latin America; the legacy of Hugo Chávez in encouraging a new era of socialist internationalism; the US’s aggression against popular movements – regime change coups, economic warfare, lawfare and destabilisation; China’s emerging role as a key partner for Latin America and the Caribbean; the growing attraction of the Belt and Road Initiative in Latin America; the place of Latin America in the US-led New Cold War; China and Latin America on the global frontlines of resisting imperialism; the renewal of diplomatic relations between China and Nicaragua; and the role of international law and the UN in pushing back against hegemony.

Confirmed speakers

  • Dilma Rousseff (keynote) – Former President of Brazil
  • Ma Hui – China’s ambassador to Cuba
  • Carlos Miguel Pereira – Cuban ambassador to China
  • Carlos Ron – President, Simón Bolívar Institute (Venezuela)
  • Jiang Shixue – Director, Center for Latin American Studies, Shanghai University (China)
  • Margaret Kimberley – Executive Editor, Black Agenda Report (US)
  • Ben Norton – Journalist, Multipolarista (Nicaragua)
  • Camila Escalante – Reporter, Kawsachun News (Bolivia)
  • Elias Jabbour – Adjunct Professor of Economics, Rio de Janeiro State University (Brazil)
  • Francisco Domínguez – Secretary, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (Britain)
  • Carlos Martinez – Co-editor, Friends of Socialist China (Britain)
  • Moderator: Radhika Desai – Convenor, International Manifesto Group (Canada)

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2 thoughts on “Reminder: 21st Century Socialism – China and Latin America on the Frontline (19 March)”

  1. Very much looking forward to this webinar, thank you FOSC.
    Like every other world empire before it, a unipolar US world empire has reached its use by date. A new bipolar cum multipolar world is morphing into being. The US/NATO alliance representing the West will soon enter into a new cold war with a Sino/Russian centred Eurasian alliance. The sheer size and pace of development of its natural resources, technical know how, population and the increasing influence that the Eurasian alliance will thereby have throughout the world, will eventually replace all the outmoded political constructs of East v West cold wars, empires, hegemony and so called ‘super powers’. The People’s Republic of China – ‘The Motherland’, will become the centre of a relatively peaceful and prosperous multipolar world family.

  2. Robert

    There is no Eurasian alliance and there is not likely to ever be a Russo-Chinese socialist alliance. The PRC doesn’t do military alliances. The Russian Federation (RF) is a capitalist and imperialist state and it has a series of neo-colonies none of which are socialist. The RF regime is a capitalist oligarchy with imperialist foreign policies. The regime is dominated by White Russians and there is a lot of anti-Asian racism in the Russian Far East. No love lost between RF and Japan and South Korea. Etc etc

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