Petition: Tell Nancy Pelosi that visiting Taiwan isn’t worth risking WW3

We encourage our readers to sign this petition calling on Nancy Pelosi to cancel her planned trip to Taiwan. As Australian former Prime Minister Paul Keating has noted, such a trip “would be unprecedented – foolish, dangerous and unnecessary to any cause other than her own.”

Petition text

Representative Pelosi: Please reconsider your planned trip to Taiwan in August. This trip will have few potential benefits, while posing enormous risks. Chinese state media has said “Pelosi’s Taiwan visit is a blatant provocation which will surely be met with a forceful response from China, including unprecedented military pressure.” In The Atlantic, Michael Schuman states that this has the potential to be “a Cuban-missile-crisis moment, with the United States and China staring at a potential conflagration.”

With war hawks like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo and an increasing number of politicians all jumping onboard to make themselves look “tough”, the longer you wait before cancelling this trip, the worse the political pressure to go will get. And the longer the controversy over it goes on, the harder it will be for China to back down from a military response. In short, this trip risks a military confrontation of the worst possible kind–and for what benefit?

We urge you to be the adult in the room and cancel this trip! Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Petition: Tell Nancy Pelosi that visiting Taiwan isn’t worth risking WW3”

  1. Madam,

    American citizens voted you in to legislate in the USA, for the USA.
    And China is an independent and sovereign country, one and indivisible.
    So, please, be responsible, respect International Law and UN Charter, take care of (the countless!) pressing issues in your country and just mind your own business!

  2. Military industrial complex of USA believes full war mobilization in US will help them. War will crash economy except the federal jobs that included Defense 800 billion budget will double or triple. First moment of war the Congress gets suspended just like 911. Then Congress meets to approve super duper Patriot Act. Scared Congress will rubber stamp whatever in front of them or face arrest as a dissident.
    The MIC has miscalculated .DPRK will go full nuclear. DPRK box of nuclear toys will get used. DPRK know what losing 30 percent of population to war is. But after 70 years of sanctions DPRK is willing to lose a large part of population. Yes some of DPRK will die but not all of DPRK will die.
    The peons in USA will find out that insurance will not cover catastrophic economic losses. But the oligarchs will protect wealth and but assets for pennies on the dollar or so they believe. Then hyperinflation will set in in USA.
    The peons in USA will have their rights reduced to level of Ukie peons. The UKIE oligarchs will laugh on way to bank as peons suffer.
    This war will be catastrophe for peons around the world. A peon is everyone with less than a billion dollars in assets. Federal tax rates on income will explode. But internation oligarchs will shift profits to offshore branches of their business and they expect their wealth to grow.

  3. For a lackey of the PRC like this website to offer advice to Nancy Pelosi is as though the Voice of America peddled a petition asking Xi Jinping to get sensible about buzzing Taiwan with squadrons of military planes.

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