Video: Why has China suddenly become a ‘threat’ to the UK?

In the video embedded below, FoSC co-editor Keith Bennett discusses with George Galloway the recent decision by the British state to designate China as a security threat. Keith points out that this reflects a foreign policy trajectory in Britain of providing unquestioning support to the US; essentially outsourcing its foreign policy to Washington, which, starting with Obama’s Pivot to Asia and then escalating through the Trump and Biden administrations, seems intent on waging a New Cold War to contain China and suppress its rise.

George and Keith both observe that, just a few years ago, Britain and China were enjoying a ‘golden era’ of relations. Britain under the Cameron-Osborne administration was strongly encouraging trade with, and investment from, China. Indeed, Keith points out that British Steel would have gone out of business had it not been acquired by a Chinese company. At that time, the British government was operating on the (correct) basis that good relations with China were positive for the British economy. The idea that China has suddenly become more aggressive or changed its basic policy orientation is absurd: China isn’t sailing gunboats through the Solent; rather Britain is sailing its warships through the Taiwan Strait and forming a nuclear alliance with Australia and the US. British policy-makers have clearly decided, counter to the interests of the British economy, to join in with the US-led hybrid warfare against China. Nothing good will come of this strategy for the British people.

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  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to say that Capitalist Countries in the West not only fight against Socialist countries but among themselves. They can’t get along among themselves. That benefited Lenin during the Russian Revolution.
    What the whole of Europe is doing now don’t make any sense. Europe is now backing the USA going against their own interests.Capitalist countries don’t plan anything as everyone can see. They only seek to make money regardless of the consequences.That can be seen with what Europe is doing with regard to China. China is not at fault.It is Europe and the USA that are causing all the problems. China don’t need to change. It made the right change back in 1949. It is Europe and the USA that needs a big change. The sooner that happens the better it will be for the whole world.

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