Carlos Martinez: China and the Future of Socialism

The video embedded below is of a presentation and extended question and answer session with Carlos Martinez, co-editor of Friends of Socialist China, on assorted topics connected to socialism in China. The session took place at the Critical Theory Workshop‘s Summer School in Paris, on 18 July 2022. The themes covered include: is China socialist? What is the specific importance of China in terms of global politics? Is China ‘authoritarian’? What is the basis of China’s foreign policy? How can we assess the overall record of actually existing socialism? What’s the nature of the New Cold War?

One thought on “Carlos Martinez: China and the Future of Socialism”

  1. There management system is not democratic at the factory level. Most workers are still happy working for state owned enterprises. The Deming management system is democratic.
    The problem is venture capitalism does not want to nationalize and and does not want to be democratic.

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