China calls on the US to remove its illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe

We are pleased to republish this article from Global Times, reporting on China’s support for the Southern African Development Community’s Anti-Sanctions Day initiative and its consistent opposition to the Western countries’ cruel and suffocating sanctions against Zimbabwe.

China stands in solidarity with Zimbabwe in a consistent call for the unconditional removal of Western sanctions. African ambassadors in Beijing thanked China for the positive support on the third Anti-Sanctions Day on Monday.

“While the guns of the revolution fell silent in 1979, sanctions are a continuation of an unwarranted and unprovoked war against Zimbabwe by the West… 20 years of sanctions have negatively impacted all sectors of the Zimbabwean economy and its people…and even undermined Zimbabwe’s credibility and national image,” Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to China Martin Chedondo said at the event at the Zimbabwean Embassy in Beijing.

In an exclusive interview with the Global Times, Chedondo said that the US is in no position to impose sanctions on others as it is an advocate of double standards. The illegal sanctions have caused untold suffering and violations of the human rights of ordinary people, and have even affected the broader African region.

The ambassador said he is grateful that China always steadfastly stood by Zimbabwe during hard times. China and Russia exercised its veto at the UN Security Council to block the imposition of unwarranted UN sanctions as proposed by the US and its Western allies. 

China in the UN stands for development, peace and harmony. China’s coming into the organization brings a voice of reason and prompts multilateralism, and stabilizes the world situation where some power always uses unilateral authority to impose sanctions on small countries, such as Zimbabwe and Cuba, the ambassador said. 

Monday also marks the 50th anniversary of the restoration of the lawful seat of the People’s Republic of China in the UN.

At the press briefing on Monday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson once again called on the US and organizations to remove illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe, as more efforts could be placed in helping Zimbabwe to fight the COVID-19 epidemic and resume economic development. 

Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson of the ministry, said China firmly supports Zimbabwe in opposing external interference and pursuing the path of independent development. The illegitimate sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the US and some other Western countries have lasted for 20 years, which have gravely hobbled Zimbabwe’s capability to develop economy and improve people’s livelihood and hampered Southern Africa’s efforts to deepen cooperation and achieve common development. 

China’s support to Zimbabwe on removing sanctions from the West is only part of its good relationship with Zimbabwe since the 1960s. Zimbabwe will forever remember this selfless gesture which saved the day for Zimbabwe’s continued sovereignty, Chedondo said.

In fighting COVID-19, China also demonstrates strong solidarity with Zimbabwe, which has limited capacity to mobilize resources under Western illegal sanctions, by providing the country with free vaccines and batches of anti-epidemic materials, Chedondo added.

Lazarus Chakwera, Malawi President and chairperson of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), said in a statement that consistent with the collective global commitment “to leave no one behind” and in practical furtherance of the spirit of multilateralism, SADC calls for the immediate and unconditional removal of all sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, for the good of the country and its people, the SADC Region and the global community.

In 2019, the 39th Southern African Development Community summit designated October 25 as “Anti-Sanctions Day” to show solidarity with Zimbabwe. The theme of this year’s event is “Zimbabwe: Friend to all, enemy to none, forging ahead and enhancing innovation and productivity in adversity of sanctions.” 

2 thoughts on “China calls on the US to remove its illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe”

  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to say that Western Sanctions are responsible for Death and Destruction in many countries of the world. I will mention just a few of them:Zimbabwe, DPRK (North Korea),Cuba, Venezuela.Sanctions against a country is like declaring war on the country.Western sanctions against other countries of the world has been condemned throughout the world and still the sanctions exist.This shows the contempt that these Western Gov’ts got for the people of the countries that have Sanctions against them.

  2. Sanctions are a political and economic weapon to attack all sovereign countries that do not follow the Washington Consensus.

    This is why we must support all countries that want to preserve and safeguard their territorial, monetary and political sovereignty, like Cuba, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Zimbabwe, Siria, Venezuela…

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