Video: Chinese democracy far more effective than Western democracy

Friends of Socialist China co-editor Carlos Martinez was recently interviewed by China Daily about the differences between Chinese and Western democracy. Citing the examples of China’s commitment to eradicating poverty, suppressing the Covid pandemic and preventing climate breakdown, Carlos asserts that Chinese democracy is proving itself far superior to the Western model in terms of being responsive to the needs and demands of the people.

The interview is embedded below.

4 thoughts on “Video: Chinese democracy far more effective than Western democracy”

  1. Nicely put. A system of people’s congresses to monitor county and national government (and replace the house of lords) would be step one. A consultative committee of smart people to suggest policies would be step two. A party of 10% of people to nurture the most talented, experienced and virtuous might be a step too far in the west, but two out of three would be a good start.

  2. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to say that China got a more modern form of Gov’t than Western Democracies.The Western Democracies are hellbent on continuing with capitalism which never was meant to serve the majority of the people in any country.
    So China is moving forward into the modern age while Western Democracies are not making any progress in fact they are slowing progress and that can be seen and felt today throughout the world.
    The same thing happened in Europe in 1848 when Capitalism was progressive and Feudalism was holding it back.It took the working class in Europe to change that and get rid of the remnants of Feudalism. So now the working class knows what it got to do and the sooner Socialism becomes the norm in the world the better the world will be. Like Che use to say: Hasta la Victoria Siempre! ( Unwards towards Victory)

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