Justin Podur: Why comparing Chinese Africa investment to Western colonialism Is no joke

We are very pleased to reproduce this article from FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) in which Justin Podur dissects a recent broadcast by South African comedian Trevor Noah, which made facile claims that China was colonising Africa. Whilst not hesitating to acknowledge shortcomings and mistakes, Podur presents a detailed refutation of Noah’s claims and, in so doing, draws apt comparisons between China’s contributions to Africa’s development and the truly murderous and rapacious history of imperialism and colonialism on the continent.

“Why China Is in Africa” (12/16/21) is a question Trevor Noah took up last month for Comedy Central‘s Daily Show. As with many of the topics taken up by the Daily Show, the issue is no joke: China has a large and growing economic presence in many African countries. The China/Africa deals cry out for analysis: Are they different from the deals on offer from Western countries like the US, Britain or France?

Post-independence Africa’s economic relationship with the West has been mediated through the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Funding for projects comes with a range of conditionalities; when Western loans come due, the IMF demands painful cuts to health and education programs as the price of refinancing. In the past, the IMF has taken outright control of African governments. At other times, the US has sponsored coupsassassinated leaders and fomented civil wars on the continent.

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US media attacks China’s Covid-19 policies for saving lives, while Americans die

Republished below is a detailed and valuable article by Joe Scholten comparing the Covid-19 suppression strategies employed in the US and China, and exposing the absurdity of the US media which, instead of trying to learn something from China’s success in saving millions of lives, disparages and condemns it. This article first appeared in Multipolarista.

The People’s Republic of China has a population of more than 1.4 billion people, yet has had fewer than 6,000 Covid-19 deaths in the entirety of its territory. The Western press corps insists this is a bad thing.

The New York Times published an opinion piece on January 25 titled “China’s Zero Covid Policy is a Pandemic Waiting to Happen.” In this article, the authors argue that the pandemic will inevitably become endemic, and that the Chinese policy of eradicating Covid has “set the nation up for disaster.”

This proposal made in the New York Times opinion page is lunacy. In the two weeks leading up to the opinion piece, there were two days in which the United States saw more than a million daily Covid cases (January 18 and 24). From January 4 to 31, the US did not have a seven-day average below half a million cases.

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While China successfully battles Covid, the US targets China and loses the battle against Covid

We are pleased to republish this article by Scott Scheffer in Struggle/La Lucha, cutting through the anti-China propaganda in relation to the struggle against Covid-19. Scott focuses on the story of Zhang Zhan, an anti-communist crusader and cause celebre of the Western media, who wilfully spread malicious slander about the Wuhan lockdown. Journalists and politicians in the West have leveraged this slander to vilify China’s dynamic Zero Covid strategy – a strategy that has saved several millions of lives in China and that countries such as the US and Britain could and should have learned from.

The U.S. media is spreading a message that the omicron variant of COVID-19 may be the final wave in the pandemic that has taken 5.63 million lives globally, and 875,000 in the U.S. – the U.S. has the highest death toll in the world. 

Even as the death count in areas of the U.S. is rising as predicted by epidemiologists and virologists, a pro-business push to herd people back to work and students back to in-person classes is underway. The push has been embraced by the Centers for Disease Control, and by Biden’s Chief Medical Adviser, Anthony Fauci.

While omicron’s symptoms may be less severe than the delta variant, it is still a killer and is currently averaging 2,200 deaths per day throughout the country. Because it infects people so much more efficiently than previous variants, according to a Jan. 24 Reuters article, “The omicron death toll has now surpassed the height of deaths caused by the more severe delta variant when the seven-day average peaked at 2,078 on Sept. 23 last year.”

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NYT equates China’s health workers with Adolf Eichmann

In the infamous words of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda chief: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

It would seem that this maxim has been taken to heart by the editors of the New York Times. Every day, this dependable mouthpiece of the US ruling class pumps out a steady diet of increasingly deranged anti-China articles. However, on 13th January, they excelled themselves with a new low – a front page story despicably comparing the public health and medical personnel, who have been bravely fighting an outbreak of Covid in the Chinese city of Xian, to Adolf Eichmann, a key architect of the Holocaust.

We are pleased to publish this excellent and succinct rebuttal of this ‘big lie’ by John Walsh, originally carried by Asia Times. John was until recently a professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in the US.

In a article on the front page of The New York Times on January 13, reporter Li Yuan equated the public health and medical personnel behind China’s successful battle against Covid-19 in the city of Xian to Adolf Eichmann, a principal architect of the Holocaust. The article’s opening sentence views these personnel as typical of “the millions of people who work diligently toward” containing Covid-19 in China.  

The anti-Covid campaign in Xian, a city of 13 million, has terminated the spread of Covid-19 without a single death and limited its spread to about 2,000 cases. The Nazi Holocaust designed and managed by Eichmann resulted in the extermination of millions of Jews.  

The piece takes aim at the millions of Chinese who have worked tirelessly to do the rapid mass testing, tracing, quarantining and vaccinations and to staffing the lockdowns including ensuring that those under lockdown were supplied with necessities of life.

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How to satisfy the US Empire: smear the left, demonize China

In this article, first published on The Chronicles of Haiphong, Friends of Socialist China co-editor Danny Haiphong responds to David Klion’s latest report in The Nation, which seeks to demonize China and smear the Western anti-imperialist and pro-socialist movement, within a supposedly left-liberal framework. Danny notes correctly: “Real leftists understand that the American Empire is the biggest obstacle in the way of human progress. They don’t ask, ‘what should the Left do about China?’ Rather, they pose the question, ‘How can the Left develop solidarity with China and the Chinese people in the global struggle against imperialism and oppression of all kinds?'”

Many on the so-called “left” view China and the U.S. as equally oppressive and imperialist in character. This is a historic trend dating back to the Cold War which divided the Western left into a variety of camps. One of these camps was the “Neither Washington nor Moscow” consortium of social democrats and liberals who saw the Soviet Union as an imperialist force unworthy of defense from U.S. aggression. Such a position fit neatly into Washington’s larger imperialist designs and provided cover for the ideological onslaught of anti-communism.

A recent report in The Nation demonstrates how the slogan “Neither Washington nor Moscow” has been replaced with “Neither Washington nor Beijing.” The author, David Klion, concludes that leftists are currently divided into two camps on the question of China: those “apologists” who prioritize peace and critics of China who prioritize “human rights.” Klion closes with a citation from Lausan, a collective that supposedly supports a “decolonial” framework on Hong Kong yet has routinely characterized any leftist opposition to the Western narrative on China as “fascist” or “tankie.”

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Quote: The detention of Julian Assange shows the reality of ‘freedom of speech’ in the West

It seems that anyone can enjoy freedom of the press and freedom of speech as long as they refrain from criticizing or disclosing the unspeakable crimes committed by the US. Otherwise, they may end up behind bars like Julian Assange. When the US next calls for safeguarding freedom of the press and freedom of speech, people will remember what happened to Mr Assange.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin’s Regular Press Conference on December 13, 2021

‘The country that bombed you is your friend. The one that built your new railway is your enemy’

We are pleased to republish this article by Tom Fowdy, originally carried by RT. The author calls out the grotesque hypocrisy of imperialist criticism of China for having built a high speed railway to Vientiane, the capital of Socialist Laos – a small country on which the United States dropped more bombs than were dropped in the whole of World War II, killing some 10% of the population and making it the most bombed country in history. 

This is the Western media’s bizarre messaging to the people of Laos, a nation that was carpet bombed by America, and which is now being vilified for accepting a new $9 billion railway line paid for by China.

Thursday was National Day in Laos, a celebration marking 46 years since the landlocked Southeast Asian nation deposed its monarchy and became a revolutionary communist state, an effort which was supported by Vietnam.

This year, the anniversary had added significance, as it saw the opening of a major new project, an electrified high-speed and freight railway system connecting the capital city, Vientiane with its northern neighbour, China. 

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Danny Haiphong: The fake Peng Shuai scandal is part of US efforts to disrupt Beijing Winter Olympics

The following article by Danny Haiphong, originally published in MintPress News, takes a detailed look at the recent story of Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai, who was alleged to have ‘disappeared’ in early November after posting allegations of sexual assault against former Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli. Danny exposes the absurdly sensationalized version of the story that appeared in the Western press, and shows how it is feeding into US efforts to demonize China and disrupt the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The New York Times reported on November 3 that Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai had published allegations of sexual assault against former Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China Zhang Gaoli on the social media platform Weibo. Peng’s post was deleted within 24 hours. This led to a firestorm of speculation in U.S. corporate media about Shuai’s “safety” and whether the tennis star had gone missing. The hashtag #WhereisPengShuai went viral 10 days later after the CEO of the World Tennis Association (WTA), Steve Simon, called on Chinese authorities to investigate the situation. Prominent celebrities and tennis players such as Serena Williams also went public with their concern for Peng.

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Lee Camp interviews Li Jingjing on Western misconceptions about China

Comedian and activist Lee Camp interviewed CGTN journalist and vlogger Li Jingjing on his program Redacted Tonight about common Western misconceptions about China. Highlighted in the interview is the importance of Chinese voices in countering the propaganda war and how these voices have been silenced and ignored by Western media. 

Chen Weihua: US should correct wrongs by ending propaganda war against China

We are pleased to republish this article by Chen Weihua, chief of China Daily EU Bureau, originally published in China Daily on 15 October 2021. The article is based on the author’s speech at our recent webinar, The Propaganda War Against China. The video of the speech is embedded below the article.

For decades, US politicians have been engaging in smear campaigns against China, an apt example being the reckless China bashing in almost every presidential campaign. The propaganda war against China escalated after the Donald Trump administration took power and further intensified when it launched all-out trade, tech and ideological wars against China, reversing decades of US policy.

The Joe Biden administration has not withdrawn those disastrous Trump policies despite criticizing them during his presidential campaign. Although the Biden administration comprises many officials from the Barack Obama administration, its China policy resembles more that of the Trump era than Obama’s presidency. And it includes the relentless propaganda war against China.

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Danny Haiphong on the collapse of the ‘Uyghur genocide’ narrative

On October 10th, the Associated Press released a report that walked back Western media claims of a “genocide” in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. In the video embedded below, FoSC co-editor Danny Haiphong reviews this and other sensational claims about human rights in China to set the record straight.

Event report: Oppose the propaganda war against China

On Saturday 9 October, Friends of Socialist China held a webinar focused on opposing the propaganda warfare being waged by the US and its allies against the People’s Republic of China. The event was co-sponsored by the Morning Star, the Grayzone, Pivot to Peace, the Geopolitical Economy Research Group, the International Manifesto Group, and Qiao Collective. The full webinar (along with individual speech videos) can be watched on our YouTube channel. Below we provide a summary of the proceedings, written by Carlos Martinez.

Introducing the event, Radhika Desai (Professor of Political Studies, University of Manitoba, Director, Geopolitical Economy Research Group) pointed out that, on the left, the most fundamental lie about China is that it is not building socialism but rather that it is just another capitalist country, indeed a particularly brutal capitalist country. Once this untruth is accepted, China can be treated as an enemy of progressive humanity – successes can be ignored, weaknesses exaggerated and accusations hurled.

For decades, the West constructively engaged with China at an economic and diplomatic level. But the capitalist powers were suffering under two illusions: first, that the Communist Party of China would transform itself into a social democratic or even a neoliberal party that would lead China towards the type of financialised, neoliberal, unproductive capitalism that prevails in the West; second, that China would remain on the bottom rung of the global economic ladder, providing low-cost manufacturing for goods consumed in the West.

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Charles McKelvey summary of the ‘Propaganda War against China’ webinar

Many thanks to Charles McKelvey for attending and taking detailed notes on our recent webinar, The Propaganda War Against China. We reproduce his blog post below.

On October 9, the Friends of Socialist China sponsored a zoom event on the Propaganda War against China.  The event was co-sponsored by Morning Star, the Grayzone, Pivot to Peace, the Geopolitical Economy Research Group, the International Manifesto Group, and the Qiao Collective.

The event was moderated by Radhika Desai, Professor of Political Studies, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada; and Director of the Geopolitical Economy Research Group. In her introduction to the panel, she noted that propaganda is dehumanizing, in that it portrays peoples and nations in ways that deny their humanity. Propaganda is always based on lies, and the biggest lie about China is the denial of the fundamental fact that China has been developing with continuity its socialist project for seven decades. The anti-China propaganda disseminates the false claim that, with the Reform and Opening that was initiated in 1978, China abandoned socialism for capitalism.

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On the flawed testimony of Chinese police defector ‘Jiang’

This very useful editorial in the Morning Star challenges the recent reports about a purported police defector ‘Jiang’, who claims to have witnessed human rights abuses perpetrated against Uyghur people in Xinjiang. The story is “spectacularly telegenic”, but its authenticity is highly questionable.

The new cold war on China has an essential ideological front in order to shape Western public opinion.

It has captured the headlines on an international scale over the past seven days, not least on Sky News today.

Someone claiming to be a former police officer in China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region, claimed in a silhouetted interview that he had witnessed, heard of or participated in deadly beatings, sexual torture and inhuman treatment of prisoners in police stations and internment camps.

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Statement opposing the propaganda war on China

At the Friends of Socialist China webinar on the propaganda war against China, held on Saturday 9 October 2021, the following statement was adopted.

We, the undersigned, are concerned about the escalating propaganda war being waged by the United States and its allies against the People’s Republic of China.

Although China in recent years has recorded some truly remarkable achievements in the realm of human rights – notably, eliminating extreme poverty and successfully containing Covid-19 – it has been subjected in the Western media to the most terrible slanders regarding its human rights record. Unsubstantiated accusations of genocide and forced labour in Xinjiang echo endlessly in Western media and governments, along with conspiracy theories about the origins of the pandemic.

This information warfare accompanies, complements and seeks to build public support for a dangerous New Cold War; it serves to distract from, and justify, the construction of nuclear alliances in the Pacific, the deployment of warships to the South China Sea, the fomenting of a new arms race, and assorted attempts to obstruct China’s economic rise.

We believe that this demonisation campaign is an obstacle to urgently-needed cooperation between the world’s major powers on the questions of climate change, pandemics, nuclear weapons, and economic development. Such cooperation cannot be built in an atmosphere of fear, distrust, enmity and slander.

Therefore we demand that Western governments adopt a principled and responsible approach to improving relations and deepening cooperation with China; and that media outlets cease their vilification campaign and adhere to journalistic principles of honesty and balanced reporting.

Initial signatories

  • Chen Weihua, EU bureau chief, China Daily
  • Li Jingjing, Reporter, CGTN
  • Ben Norton, Assistant Editor, The Grayzone
  • Daniel Dumbrill, Political analyst and broadcaster
  • Radhika Desai, Professor, University of Manitoba; Convenor of the International Manifesto Group
  • Danny Haiphong, Co-editor, Friends of Socialist China
  • Jenny Clegg, Author, ‘China’s Global Strategy: Towards a Multipolar World’
  • Michael Wong, Vice President, Veterans For Peace, San Francisco
  • Kenny Coyle, Director, Praxis Press
  • Qiao Collective
  • Ben Chacko, Editor, Morning Star
  • Julie Tang, Retired superior court judge, Pivot to Peace co-founder
  • Mohammed Arif, General Secretary, British Afro-Asian Solidarity Organisation (BAASO)
  • Keith Bennett, Co-editor, Friends of Socialist China
  • Roland Boer, Professor, Dalian University of Technology, China
  • Claudia Chaufan, Associate Professor, York University
  • Michael Dunford, Emeritus Professor, University of Sussex
  • Miguel Figueroa, President, Canadian Peace Congress
  • Alan Freeman, University of Manitoba
  • Dr. Hugh Goodacre, Teaching Fellow, University College London; Director, Institute for Independence Studies
  • Ian Goodrum, Senior editor and columnist, China Daily
  • Peter Hogg, Writer, Bibliographer, Translator
  • Elias Jabbour, Adjunct Professor of Economics, Rio de Janeiro State University
  • Rania Khalek, Journalist and host, BreakThrough News
  • Margaret Kimberley, Executive Editor, Black Agenda Report
  • Hon. Alderman Mushtaq Lasharie CBE, Chairman/Founder, Third World Solidarity
  • Kamal Majid, Emeritus Professor, Cardiff University
  • Carlos Martinez, Co-editor, Friends of Socialist China
  • Chris Matlhako, Second Deputy General-Secretary, South African Communist Party
  • John Riddell, Historian and activist
  • Madison Tang, Coordinator of the CODEPINK China Is Not Our Enemy campaign

Organizational signatories

  • Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War (Canada)
  • Socialist Unity Party (US)


Francis Chow
Dan Smith
Sonya AndermahrCPB
Loy Heng Yustudent from Vineyard Services & Resources
Carrie HedderwickDelegate to Sheffield Trades Council/ Sec of South Yorks CPB
Zefeng Chen
Jason LeeExporter
Bijan SharifiInternational high school art Teacher in Shanghai
Alvin Jaindependent
Stefania Fusero
Guillermo PuyanaChina Colombia Friendship Association, President
Hollis HigginsSecretary, Veterans For Peace, Spokane Chapter #35
Phoebe Tickner
Kai Chiang
Tyson HarrisThe Industrial Workers Of The World
Suni O GrantNo organizations
Milad Maierstudent
David BurešWriter, journalist, political activist
Paulius EidukasLithuanian communist & activist, member of the Communist Party of Norway
Annanya Bhaskar
K. Philippe Gendrault
William Yukcheung Fungvoccc
Bethan BlakeCommunist Party of Britain
Bob OramChair Morning Star Management Committee
Justin Jutzeler
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Jane AkatayEditor and writer
Rindang Anggit WibisonoChemical Engineering Student
Octaviane Stefina Enggra G.Student of Universitas Kristen Petra
Christian Féard
Richard Keenan
Richard LeungRetired bank CEO & consultant
Raymond Chin Asang
Jeffery HullEngineer and Activist
Josephine Angelina Harsoyo
Dr Ping HuaFounder/Director, Chinese Arts Southampton
Tian ZhaoProduct designer at Flinks
Jorge RuizUC Riverside Transfer Student
Erwin Franzenretired, fomer journalist
Dr George MickhailProfessor of Accounting
Robert Gerold
Michael WongsamBranch Secretary/Labour Party
Dio AffrizaWorker
Zuzanna Zak
Alexandros SchulmanSocialist and activist
Seth Goddard
Tova Fry
Maciej Przylecki
David SmoklerLeague of Revolutionaries for a New America
JJH van den Broek
Zayarastudent at MAHE
Markus KeaneyChair, Bedfordshire & East Buckinghamshire Communist Party of Britain
Manuel Iglesias-GuerreroMédico
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Tara May
Michael KramerPresident, Veterans For Peace / Chapter 021 (Northern NJ)
Jeanine Maland retired teacher; activist
Gregory ElichSolidarity Committee for Democracy and Peace in Korea
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Amodani GaribaChairman, The Nkrumahist Circle
Gabriella AlexanderFreelance ESL tutor and translator
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Camara Starks
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Tony KinderUniversity Professor
Christian Yahya
Mitchell ShorePolicy Analyst
Ng Kong HungVP/ Sun Cheong Pte
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Doug NichollsGeneral Secretary General Federation of Trade Unions, UK.
Callum Joseph WilsonMember of Communist Party USA
Arnold AugustAuthor/Journalist
Magnar Husbypenionered teacher, stayed in China 6 weeks, studied Chinese history, especiallay the warlord period from 1911 to 1949.
Robert Svorinich
Ed Burley
Capitalist countries leaded by us imperialism tried to condemn china
Wendy EmmettCommunist Party of Britain
Brandon Walleyartist/activist
Joel Wendland-Liu
Annamaria Artnerpolitical economist
Louie Lurati
James DarsleyUndergraduate at University of Cambridge
Sunil Kumar BanerjeeVeteran
Rabiha Antar
Darius Diogenes Logos XristosHIM Imperator divi filius aei Augustus
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Michael Pollock
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Elizabeth BurtonRetired Doctor
Andy BrooksGeneral Secretary, New Communist Party of Britain
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Winfred Liu
DakotaCanadian citizen
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Ocean MarksSoftware Engineer/Musician
Daniel SihombingKristen Hijau
Kevin Lindemann
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Hassan Abdelhady
Laurence Wright
Yuxiang HanAccountant, Australia
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Reminder: The Propaganda War Against China (Saturday 9 October)

Don’t forget, we have our Propaganda War Against China event coming up on Saturday 9 October 2021, at 2pm Britain / 9am US Eastern / 9pm China.

We will discuss the relationship between this propaganda onslaught and the New Cold War; the reality in Xinjiang and Hong Kong; the participation of sections of the Western left in the propaganda war; and more.

The event is co-sponsored by the Morning Star, the GrayzonePivot to Peace, the Geopolitical Economy Research Group, the International Manifesto Group, and Qiao Collective.

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Interview with Carlos Martinez on the propaganda war against China

On 25 September, Friends of Socialist China co-editor Carlos Martinez was interviewed on the Rebirth of Communism YouTube channel about China: what is the nature of the propaganda war being waged against it? What’s really happening in Xinjiang? Why does much of the Western left support this propaganda war? What are the reasons for the different levels of economic and social progress in India and China since the late 1940s? Will China suffer the fate of the Soviet Union? What does China’s project of being a ‘great modern socialist country’ by 2049 entail?

Webinar debunks ‘China lab leak’ theory

We are pleased to republish the excerpts from a Workers World livestream, which took place on 19 August 2021, devoted to debunking the so-called ‘lab leak’ anti-China conspiracy theory. The video is also embedded below.

Lee Siu Hin: I was in China in January 2020, when there was a new outbreak from unknown sources causing pneumonia in Wuhan, a city in central China. At that time, no one knew exactly what it was. China called formally on the World Health Organization to acknowledge that it was COVID-19 in February. No one had done so officially before that. It’s common knowledge and scientific fact.

However, the so-called “lab leak” theory comes from far-right, anti-China neocon warmonger politicians around the Washington D.C. Beltway, notably Senator [Tom] Cotton and the anti-China think tanks and also from the far-right, anti-China cult Epoch Times, the so-called “Falun Gong.” From Day One, they spread the “lab leak” theory. That’s how it started. This is not coming from scientists.

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CODEPINK petitions PBS: Stop censoring the truth about China

We are republishing this article from CODEPINK about their petition, with almost 4,000 signatures, demanding that PBS stop censoring the documentary ‘Voices from the Frontlines: China’s War on Poverty.’

By Madison Tang

Last week, on August 12, 2021, CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin, Tighe Barry, Leonardo Flores, and Michelle Ellner delivered over 3,600 signatures from the public to Public Broadcasting Services’ headquarters in Arlington, VA asking them to stop censoring the truth about China.

Much to our disappointment, PBS, a PUBLIC broadcasting service, chose to call the police on these four peace activists members of the public, who were calmly and respectfully representing the opinions of the taxpayers — who fund PBS to the tune of over $26 million annually. The viewers who signed this petition are simply requesting that PBS honor its mission statement and values to “keep citizens informed on world events and cultures,” “express a diversity of perspectives,” and deliver content that is “responsive solely to the needs of the public—not to the interests of funders.”

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